In the beginning, Gucci operated without an official logo. In 1933, Aldo Gucci began working with his father, and is the one credited with arranging his father’s two initials, Guccio Gucci, into the iconic GG pattern we see today.

One of Gucci’s first iconic handbags is the Bamboo Bag with it’s signature bamboo handle and a curvy side that was inspired by a horse saddles shape. It is still a huge favourite today and a popular vintage item.
Another of Gucci’s most famous bags is the Jackie O´ that was designed during the 60’s, and named after Jackie Kennedy.

The GG-logo pattern as well as the red and green stripe are signatures of the sought after designer handbags. Today the Gucci Dionysus handbag is seen as a fashion icon on a fashionistas arm.

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